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It's only Tuesday?

Ok I've been sitting here for like 15 minutes trying to think what to write...the only thing I could think of is that I desperately need a haircut.

Alright let's weekend was somewhat interesting I guess. I went to a basketball game on Friday and it seems like it was a date. This guy I know through work asked me to go and was all casual about it, but he called me last night wanting to talk (I didn't answer so he left a message). The problem is that I'm not really interested and I feel bad. He was nice and all but just not my type. Seems to be the story of my life. Plus honestly, my heart is not into dating right now...not that it ever is since I hate the whole dating thing but...oh well.

One thing I notice about the east coast people I work with is that I don't really seem to relate to a whole lot of them. I definitely enjoy the LA office a lot more. I mean I try to socialize with them as best I can but all the girls talk incessantly about their boyfriends (isn't anyone single anymore?!?) or they exchange recipes. I don't cook all that much and I don't have a boyfriend so it sure makes for fun conversations! Woo hoo. The guys just kinda go off and do their own thing. I've never seen an office so segregated before. Very strange. It feels like 3rd grade.

I'm excited about the new season of Project Greenlight starting tonight. I get so addicted to this show but I'm wondering how different it's gonna be now that it's on Bravo instead of HBO. It was really the only HBO show I ever bothered watching regularly. Ironic I know.

I hope it starts warming up here soon and feeling like spring. This weather is depressing.
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