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You can never be too thin...I guess...

What the hell happened to Lindsay Lohan? Yikes! Lay off the coke, eat a sandwich, and get your red hair back.

You know what I hate? I hate that things which I know are bad for me are so...tempting. Maybe I just need to be stronger but what fun is that. But I really should work on that I suppose. Whether it be food, relationships...whatever. Actually I've been doing good with the food part but now it's time to work on other stuff.

Everwood kinda reminded me of that tonight with the way Amy was acting so spineless around Ephram. Of course I'd be the same exact way around him because he's so hot. But whoa, who hasn't been there? Between that last Amy/Eph scene and the Rose thing...ahhhh this show is gonna break me.

I'm starting to stress over this huge presentation I have to give at work on Thursday. I've had to give presentations before but I guess what sets this apart is that it's in front of some pretty big execs. Usually I end up being fine but it's the whole anticipation thing that drives me crazy. I just want to get it over with!
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